Surprise in Line of Entertainment for Visiting Graduates.

The Harvard Club of Boston will hold a house warming this evening at 8 o'clock. This entertainment is given primarily for the visiting graduates who live more than twenty miles from Boston and have come on for the Yale game. In order that there may be sufficient room in the club house to accommodate these guests and the members of the club also, members have been requested not to introduce other guests this evening.

The entertainment committee for tonight's celebration consists of J. W. Hallowell '01, C. Swan '01, and J. S. Seabury '04. Everything has been suspended, even the regular dinner service, to give place to the special Yale game festival to be held in Harvard Hall. There will be a scenic vaudeville show, the exact nature of which will not be revealed until 8 o'clock, the entertainment committee having planned a complete surprise. The members of the Harvard Club of New York have been extended a special invitation. The vaudeville performance will be supported by special music and the celebration will last until 12 o'clock.