Anyone Eligible Who Does Not Occupy In Person One of His Two Seats.

There are now about 273 men on the blacklist of the Athletic Association. The purpose of this list is to keep tickets from going to people who are not graduates of the University, and to make it possible for each Harvard man to have to tickets to which he is entitled. If speculation were permitted, there would not be enough tickets to go around to the men who should rightly have them. The men who co-operate with the Athletic Association in carrying out its regulations in regard to the proper use of tickets are not so much defeating the designs of ticket speculators as they are helping the organization to let Harvard graduates have their tickets.

Speculation is the surest way to get on the blacklist, but it is not the only way. It a present member of the College, wishing four tickets, applies for the two to which he is entitled and uses an additional two acquired under the application of a graduate friend who does not expect to attend the game, he accomplishes the blacklisting of the graduate. Moreover, anyone who surrenders his tickets for use in his own family will be put on the blacklist. These two possibilities merely emphasize the fact that everyone must occupy in person one of the seats for which he has applied. Exceptions to this rule are cross-country men who run on the day of the game, cheer leaders, ushers, and men with side-line badges.