The second Noble Lecture on Dante which will be given tonight by the Rt. Rev. William Royd-Carpenter offers to members of the University an opportunity to listen to a speaker of rare profundity and eloquence. Those who attended the previous Noble Lecture or who have listened to Bishop Royd-Carpenter in Chapel have been impressed by the depth of his learning and his great human understanding. Aside from the appeal of his personality, the subject of his lecture, Dante, should attract men interested in literature and philosophy.

In addition to the Noble Lecture, there will be a talk in the Union upon "Extemporaneous Speaking" by Professor Copeland. In view of the interest which has recently been shown in the Forum and in debating, especial importance attaches to the subject of extemporaneous speaking. In the Noble Lecture and the talk on "Extemporaneous Speaking" opportunities are offered which few can afford to neglect.