New Hockey Letters Awarded

The following members of the University hockey squad have been awarded the new hockey "H", consisting of a crimson letter with a white border on a black background: W. H. Claflin, Jr., '15, of Boston, Mass.; P. Cushman '13 (manager), of Albany, N. Y.; H. B. Gardner '13, of New York City; A. M. Goodale '13, of Cambridge, Mass.; D. R. Hanson '14, of Melrose Highlands, Mass.; S. T. Hopkins '14, of Newtonville, Mass.; H. C. Morgan '14, of New York City; F. H. Palmer '13, of Plattsburg, N. Y.; M. B. Phillips '15, of Newton Centre, Mass.; P. H. Smart '14, of Newton Highlands, Mass.; A. F. Sortwell '14, of Wiscasset, Maine; W. A. Willetts '14, of Skaneateles, N. Y.