"Honor Roll" of 1913 Delinquents

The Photograph Committee cannot possibly put out as good an album as last year if the class will not co-operate by each member taking the trouble to have been 60 less sittings at Tupper's this year than were made to the same date last year. There are only three weeks left in which to have pictures taken, for the final closing date is April 12, and this cannot possibly be extended. It is up to every man in the class to make an appointment at once if he has not already done so.

Those men who have had their pictures taken must choose the picture which they wish used, at once. All men who had their pictures taken before today will have to return proof by Monday, or that picture will be used which seems best to the committee. Part of the material has already been sent to the engravers, and more will be sent on Monday.

There will be an "Honor Roll" at the back of the Album of those men who have not had their pictures taken. It costs nothing to have a picture taken at Tupper's unless you wish photographs for personal use, and there is no excuse for not doing so. 1913 PHOTOGRAPH COMMITTEE.