First Game of Class Lacrosse Won by 1913.--1915 vs. 1916 at 4.

The Seniors defeated the Juniors by the score of 6 to 1 in the opening game of the interclass lacrosse series on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. The Seniors outplayed their opponents throughout the game except for a few minutes at the beginning of the second half. The mud on the field greatly handicapped the players in handling the ball.

Sophomores vs. Freshmen.

The Sophomores will play the Freshmen on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock, the victorious team then meeting the Seniors for the championship tomorrow. The summary: 1913.  1914. Lincoln, g.  g., Sisson Long, p.  p., Wilson Churchill, c.p.  c.p., Ryan Frasch, 1d.  1d., Onthank Swaine, 2d.  2d., Randall McKenzie, 3d.  3d., Sanborn Beatley, 1a.  1a., Abbe Brock, Fabens, 2a.  2a., Eaton Indelkofer, 3a.  3a., Kastor Forestall, c.  c., Brundage Knight, i.h.  i.h., Harrington Ellis, o.h.  o.h., Robinson

Goals--Forestall 2, Knight 2, Beatley, Indelkofer, Abbe. Time of halves--15 and 25 minutes. Referee--P. Gustafson '12.