Results of 1916 Debating Trials

Twelve men were retained at the trials for the Freshman debating team in New Lecture Hall last evening. These have been divided into four teams for the final trials next Thursday and Friday, which will be regular debates. The main speeches will be twelve minutes and the rebuttals five minutes in length. The first two teams which will debate in New Lecture Hall next Thursday at 1.30, are: affirmative--H. Epstein, L. S. Kubie, A. K. Small; negative--J. W. Cooke, E. Adlow, P. L. Sayre. The two teams which will debate on Friday at 4.30 o'clock in New Lecture Hall are: affirmative--H. Goodman, M. Friedmann, H. A. Larrabee; negative--C. A. Trafford, Jr., B. E. Carter, P. P. Cohen.