Lacrosse Team's Western Trip

The University lacrosse team will leave today on its western trip to play games with Hobart at Geneva on Saturday and Cornell at Ithaca on Monday. This series will complete the intercollegiate league season.

The following members of the University squad will meet in Harvard square at 6.50 o'clock: F. E. Abbe '14, R. Beatley '13, P. F. Brundage '14, P. Catton '15, P. Eaton '14, F. R. Churchill '13, J. R. Fleming '15, J. F. Foristall '13, R. W. Hallock '14, N. B. Lincoln '13, C. B. Long '13, W. J. MacKenzie '13, W. E. Nightingale '15, R. S. Simmons '13, R. G. Wilson '14. The team will be accompanied by Coach P. Gustafson '12, and managers A. B. Conant '13 and C. J. Ferguson '15.