Pop Concert Tonight

Following is the program for the Pop Concert in Symphony Hall this evening: 1.March, "Wien Bleibt Wien,"  Schrammel 2.  Overture, "William Tell,"  Rossini 3.  Waltz, "Espana,"  Waldtcufel 4.  Suite, "Coppelia,"  Delibee 5.  Overture, "Oberon,"  Weber 6.  Violin Solo,   Mr. Jacques Hoffmann. 7.  (a). Intermezzo for Strings from Signor Formica,"  Urack   (b) Gavotte,  Urack 8.  Hungarian March,  Berlioz 9.  Overture, "Haensel und Gretel,"  Humperdinck 10.  Intermezzo, "The Tales of Hoffmann,"  Offenbach 11.  American Fantasy, Organ, Mr. Marshall,  Herbert 12.  March, "Under the Double Eagle,"  Wagner