There are 273 Harvard men who cannot legitimately apply for tickets to any athletic contest in which Harvard teams take part, and each year the list grows a little longer.

To Mr. Moore's warning, printed in Monday's CRIMSON we wish to add for the benefit of men unused to College ways that speculation in Harvard football tickets is a crime against Harvard College. Moreover, it is a crime that under the new scheme of allotment is almost certain to be discovered. This may not mean a great deal to a new student who has not learned the dread of the blacklist; and it probably means less than nothing to a man who can see a few immediate dollars farther than he can his own honor and future pleasure. But we venture to say that to almost every Senior the crime of speculation begets a penalty awful enough to keep him from it whatever may be his moral inclination. New Harvard men should take this to heart and shun the speculator who comes out from town with his pockets lined with gold. Once blacklisted, all the gold in the world cannot get them tickets to Harvard games again, and no amount of repentance can return to-them their honor in the eyes of loyal Harvard men.