The competition from the class of 1916 for the position of second assistant manager of the CRIMSON will begin this evening at 7.30 o'clock, when candidates will report at the CRIMSON Office to receive instructions. This competition offers positions to two men, and, beginning tonight, will close sometime around the mid-year examinations. Like the business competitions of other college papers, it consists of work in securing advertising and subscriptions and in the office. Men are chosen not entirely for ability in advertising and subscription work, but for general business efficiency. As general business training, any time spent in this competition is invaluable; and for one of the two men taken the business managership of the paper stands open. All men with any leaning toward business are urged to report, though no previous experience is necessary.

Editorial Competitions.

Competitions for positions on the editorial board of the CRIMSON will begin. Monday, September 29. Candidates should report in the CRIMSON Office at 7 o'clock in the evening of that day to have outlined to them the work of the competition. The news competition which will begin at that time will be open to members of the Sophomore class only, Freshmen not being called out until the second half-year. Juniors will be the only ones who may enter the editorial competition, which will start at the same time. Both competitions will continue for about 13 weeks. All who are at all interested in any phase of practical journalism should report at the first meeting of candidates.