Items of Interest to the University

Qymnastic Team Schedule.

The schedule for the meets and exhibitions of the gymnastic team has been revised, a number of dates lately cancelled being filled by definite and final arrangements with other schools. The next exhibition will be held at the Brockton Y. M. C. A. on Saturday, January 17. Following this date, the revised schedule runs as follows:

January 24.-Watertown High School.

January 30.-Novice Meet in the Hemenway Gymnasium.

January 31.-Exhibition at the Boston Y. M. C. A.

February 7.-Interscholastic Meet in the Hemenway Gymnasium.

Candidates for Wrestling Team.

Candidates for manager of the University wresting team from the class of 1916 are asked to report to J. S. Zinzser '15, 7 Holyoke Place, tonight at 3 o'clock. The competition will be comparatively short lasting until about two weeks after the mid-year examination period. No previous experience will be necessary.