What is Going on Today

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Thursday, January 15.

Last day for Applications for admission to examinations for the degree of Ph.D. and A.M. in 1914.

Last day for 1915 dance applications. 8.00 A. M.-Monthly Corporate Communion of St. Paul's Society in Christ Church.

4.30-**Lecture. "Labor and Social Discontent in England," by George Lansbury in Brattle Hall.

4.30-**Lecture. "Christentum and Hellenismus. XIII. Die christliche Antike in Literature and Kunet," by Professor Ernst von Dobschuts in Emerson J.

8.00-*Lecture. "The Industrial Expansion of Germany since 1870," by Professor Karl Rathgen, in Emerson D.

8.00-Boston Symphony Orchestra Concert in Sanders Theatre Soloist: Mr. George Proctor.