List of Mid-Year Examinations in All Departments of the University Today and Tomorrow.

The complete schedule of examinations to be given in all departments of the University today and tomorrow is published below. Unless otherwise stated examinations begin at 9.15 o'clock. Examinations Today. Classical Philology 57,  Sever 17 Comparative Literature 1: Allen to Gardner (inclusive),  Sever 30 Gilman to Peirce (inclusive),  Sever 35 Pennoyer to Wright (inclusive),  Sever 36 English E,  Harvard 5 English 14: Alderman to Lewis (inclusive),  Sever 5 Loud to Zehner (inclusive),  Sever 6 French 1 IV-VI,  Harvard 6 French 17 hf.,  Sever 5 German 25,  Sever 11 Government 6,  Harvard 5 Greek G,  Sever 29 History 13: Anderson to Feinberg (inclusive),  Sever 18 Fenn to Matthews (inclusive),  Sever 23 Moorad to Zimmerman (inclusive),  Sever 24 History 16a,  Emerson D Latin B III,  Sever 17 Latin 10,  Emerson J Mathematics 1,  Sever 18 Mathematics 12,  Sever 18 Philosophy 12,  Emerson J Physics C,  New Lec. Hall Physics 1,  Emerson D Spanish 8 hf.,  Sever 29 Graduate School of Applied Science. Landscape Arch. 7,  Robinson Hall Landscape Arch. 9,  Robinson Hall 1.30 P. M. Landscape Arch. 8,  Robinson Hall Examinations Tomorrow. English A: Mr. Allen's sect. 3c,  Sever 35 Mr. Allen's sect. 4c,  Sever 36 Mr. Gordon's sects., 1c, 3b,  Harvard 6 Mr. Herrington's sect. 3d,  Sever 17 Mr. Hersey's sect. 2b,  Sever 18 Mr. Hillebrand's sect. 1d,  Sever 29 Mr. Hillebrand's sect. 2c,  Sever 30 Mr. Hood's sect. 5c,  Sever 5 Mr. Kempton's sect. 4d,  Sever 23 Mr. Kempton's sect. 5b,  Sever 24 Dr. Long's sects. 2a, 4b, 5d,  Emerson D Mr. McLeod's sect. 1a,  Holden Mr. B. G. Whitmore's sects. 4a, 5a,  Harvard 5 Dr. C. E. Whitmore's sects. 1b, 2d, 3a,  New Lec. Hall Music 7 hf.,  Holden Philosophy 24a,  Holden Semitic 17,  Sem. Mus. 2 Semitic 19,  Sem. Mus. 2 Graduate School of Applied Science. Landscape Arch. 6,  Robinson Hall