Wanted: Plays Long or Short

The Dramatic Club sends out a call for plays for the coming spring production. Competitors are reminded that the last day to hand in manuscripts is February 10. This contest is mainly for one-act plays, since it has been the custom of the club in the past to present three short pieces in the spring. A wide range of treatment and subject is aimed at and authors who have short plays that are in any way unusual are urged to submit them. Really good one-act plays are acceptable and any of unusual merit will be given the best possible production by the Dramatic Club. Longer plays are also solicited, for if the short works are not up to standard the club may depart from its usage and stage a play lasting two or two and a half hours. It is possible, also, that a moderately long play, preceded by a curtain-raiser, may be presented if that seems wise considering the material submitted. Manuscripts should be sent to J. K. Hodges '14, Randolph 13, or to I. Pichel '14, Brentford 33.