Messrs. Atwood and Fisher Will Give Courses Next Half-Year.

Two appointments of the Corporation, made last spring and fall will take effect next term. Professor Atwood formerly of the University of Chicago, will begin duties here as Professor of Geology and Geography. He will give courses A, (Physiography); 6, (Physiography of the United States); and 20a (Research). Professor Atwood is one of the foremost geologists and physiographers of the country, having been the geologist of the New Jersey and Illinois survey and, since 1909, of the United States Geological Survey. He has taken active part in the proceedings of a large number of the geological and geographical associations of the country and is a writer of international reputation. Besides works on the physical geography of various regions, he has made a special study of the resources of the Alaskan peninsula and Southwestern Alaska. His work on the interpretation of topographical maps is also well known.

The other appointment is of Mr. W.C. Fisher, formerly head of the department of economics in Wesleyan, as lecturer in Economics here. Mr. Fisher will give Economics 16, the Theories of Contemporary Socialism. He is very well known in professional circles, being a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science and of the American Historical Association. He has also taken part in politics, municipal and state. He was mayor of Middle-town, Conn., for one term. Before going to Wesleyan he was instructor and professor at Brown.