Following established precedent, the class of 1915 has taken up residence in the Yard. Comfortable and convenient, the Senior dormitories offer many attractions to those on the ever-tilting declivity of old age. But it was not for such benefits that the custom of pulling up all stakes and undertaking a single year's hejira to the Yard was inaugurated. The primary purpose of the Senior dormitories was and-we hazard-still is the promotion of fuller understanding and greater good-fellowship between members of the Senior class.

The interdormitory smokers have formed an important and, in the past, a highly successful part of the machinery for the promotion of this better understanding. It is now nearly seven weeks since the opening of College and no report has as yet reached our ears of even the first smoker in the annual series. If the gray old Seniors are to continue portaging to the Yard, they should at least secure every possible return for their effort.