At the last meeting of the cabinet of the Law School Society of Phillips brooks House it was decided to inaugurate a series of three conferences for the benefit of undergraduates intending to enter the Law School.

These conferences have three objects in view: Firstly to inform men intending to become lawyers about the demands of the profession, what qualities tend toward success, and what expense, difficulty, and constancy of purpose a thorough training entails; secondly, to outline the undergraduate course of study most desirable as preparation for work in the Law School; and thirdly to enable prospective candidates to meet Law School men, and discuss with them the various phases of the work in the School.

The first conference will be held in Phillips Brooks House next Wednesday evening at which Dean Thayer will discuss the general problems and purposes of the conference and Professor W. B. Munro will speak on "Law as a Preparation for Men intending to enter public Life." At the second gathering it is intended that some Boston lawyer, prominent in the profession, will speak on the actual work and the demands of the profession. At the third meeting a member of the Faculty will outline the course of studies constituting the best preparation for work in the Law School.

Members of the official Board of Advisors in the Law School, a body composed of third year men who hold high scholarship records, will attend these conferences and will discuss any questions in regard to the Law School. Inasmuch as this board is the official bureau of information for the Law School, prospective candidates are thus afforded an excellent opportunity to see how work in the Law school is conducted.