To be Dedicated This Afternoon by Three Interclass Contests.

Technology's new athletic field will be dedicated this afternoon with the annual field contests between the two lower classes at the Institute, the program consisting of a football game, relay race and tug-of-war. The undergraduates will attend in a body, marching to the field from Copley square by classes. The field will be formally dedicated and the sports will follow.

The new field has been constructed with a view to the future and the needs for intercollegiate championship competitions. The sprinting straightaway is 250 yards long and 27 feet, 6 inches wide, and provides ample room for the slowing to a walk at the conclusion of the 220 dash and hurdle events. It allows six hurdles abreast. A heat of eight men can be run for the dashes with ample room and if deemed necessary, ten men can be run abreast without serious danger of interference. At all other points the track is twenty feet wide. The 440-yard run can be made on one turn and finish at a point more advantageously situated for both competitor and spectator than at any other known track. The 880 may be run with three turns.

The field events, jumping and vaulting are especially taken care of by having pits at each and of the runways. The weight events are provided for in separate circles, thereby allowing men in their respective events to practice with out waiting for those who may be using the circle for other events. The places of practice and competition are situated so that the danger of being struck has been practically eliminated. Temporary lockers and showers have been provided and the grand stand is also temporary. It is placed far enough from the field and a sufficient height to allow all the spectators a view without change from the sitting position.