18 Dramatic Candidates Retained

Preliminary trials for parts in the fall production of the Dramatic Club were held in the Trophy Room of the Union last Friday night. As a result of these the following men have been retained for further trial and should report at the John Knowles Paine Concert Hall in the New Music Building this afternoon at 4 o'clock: W. B. Beale '18, E. Benshimol '17, T. C. Brookout '15, J. J. Caires '18, G. Dunton '18, L. B. Everitt '17, M. A. Hawkins '18, G. B. Hebb '17, H. M. Hite '18, F. D. Manson '18, E. S. Pratt '16, M. Roth '17, R. E. Shillady '15, S. S. Simons '18, W. M. Silverman '18, W. L. Walker '18, A. E. Whittemore '17, B. Williams '18.