The Freshman football team deserves especial credit for its victory over Andover Saturday. Its season did not start auspiciously. Without any easier games to prepare it and to get it accustomed to playing together in a real gridiron battle, the 1918 team was sent against Exeter two weeks ago and soundly beaten. The following week the Freshman team lost a 3 to 0 game to Worcester Academy. To have improved sufficiently to beat Andover 19 to 0, is consequently a creditable feat.

Since the 1918 squad was picked early in the College year and has practiced since then as a squad, separate from the dormitory teams, it should have had at least two or three regular games with preparatory school teams before meeting so strong a team as Exeter. The need of preliminary games should be remembered next season. A four game schedule is too short to develop a really good team.

However, the ability shown by 1918 Saturday makes the prospects for success in the game with Yale 1918 next Saturday much brighter.