Freshmen Experienced Little Opposition From Yale 1918 Runners.

The Freshman cross-country team overwhelmingly defeated the Yale 1918 runners by the score of 18 to 38. With the exception of J. Schubert, of Yale, who came in fourth, the Harvard runners scored all of the first five places. L. K. Moorehead won the individual honors in the race with J. Coggeshall and C. W. W. P. Heffinger close behind. About 60 yards distant came the Yale runner, Schubert, who beat G. A. Harris by only a fifth of a second. The race was over the three-mile Freshman course at Belmont. Yale entered only eight men to Harvard's ten. The summary of the first ten men to finish follows:

1. L. K. Moorehead, 17m., 9 4-5s.

2. J. Coggeshall, 17m., 15s.

3. C. W. W. P. Heffinger, 17m., 18s.

4. J. Schubert, Yale, 17., 24 1-5s.

5. G. A. Harris, 17m., 24 2-5s.

6. H. F. Taylor, Jr., Yale, 17m., 50 2-5s.

7. G. A. King, 17m., 50 3-5s.

8. E. A. Krauss, Yale, 18m., 3 1-5s.

9. E. Estil, Yale, 18m., 12 4-5s.

10. H. J. Brearley, 18m., 20s.