Crimson Calendar

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All notices for the weekly CRIMSON Calendar must be placed in the notice box in the CRIMSON Office on Fridays before 5 o'clock, marked "For the CRIMSON Calendar."

Monday, December 14.

10.30.--Meeting of President and Fellows at 50 State street, Boston.

8.30.--Romance Seminary in Upper Warren.

5.00.--*Physical Colloquium. "The Kinetic Theory of the Characteristic Equation and of the Joule-Thompson Effect." I. Mr. R. H. Kent, Room 3 Jefferson Physical Laboratory.

7.00.--Dr. Fitch's talk to Freshmen in Parlor of Phillips Brooks House.

7.45.--Reception to Freshman crews in Gore Hall Common Room.

Tuesday, December 15.

Second Senior elections.

Last day for receiving applications for Price Greenleaf Aid (third assignment) from students in the College who are eligible for, but who have not already received, an assignment.

4.00.--Meeting of Faculty of Arts and Sciences in University 5.

4.30.--**"Nietzsche." Lecture XIX by Professor Henri Lichtenberger in Sever 11. (In French).

7.00.--Dr. Frederick Palmer's Bible study Class in Phillips Brooks House.

7.00.--Professor Rope's Bible study class in Phillips Brooks House.

8.00.--Boylston Chemical Club in Conant Common Room. Professor G. C. Whipple on "Dust in City and Air."

Wednesday, December 16.

Freshman nominations by petition close.

3.45.--Syndics of the University Press. Meeting in University 5.

4.45.--Chemical Colloquium. "The Excretion of Acid in Health and Disease." Professor Henderson in Coolidge Memorial Laboratory.

7.00.--St. Paul's Society Meeting in Phillips Brooks House.

7.30.--Reception to club crews and candidates for University crew in Trophy Room of Union.

8.00.--**Lowell Institute lecture. Professor Henri Lichtenberger on "Le Drame Musicale Francais Contemporain."

8.00.-- Mathematical Club. "Singular Intervals," by Dr. Dunham Jackson, in Conant Hall Common Room.

8.00.--Reading by Professor Copeland in the Union.

8.15.--Christmas service in Appleton Chapel. Christmas Carols sung by University Choir assisted by Radcliffe College Choral Society.

Thursday, December 17.

4.30.--"Nietzsche." Lecture XX by Professor Henri Lichtenberger in Sever 11. (In French).

8.00.--Equal Suffrage League. Mrs. Maud Wood Park in Emerson D.

8.00.--University hockey vs. Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Arena.

8.15.--Second Christmas Carol service in Appleton Chapel. University Choir assisted by Radcliffe College Choral Society.

8.15.--Deutscher Verein Play "Die Journalisten" in Jordan Hall.

8.15.--Exposition of chamber music. Mr. Arthur Whiting, assisted by Mrs. Marie Sundelius in John Knowles Paine Concert Hall of Music Building.

8.30.--1916 smoker in Union.

Friday, December 18.

Freshman election of class officers.

4.00-6.00.--University tea in Phillips Brooks House.

4.55.--Zoological Club. "The Development of the Photogenic Organs of the Lampyridae." Mr. F. X. Williams in Room 46, Zoological Laboratory.

7.00.--Union's Christmas Dinner to members.

7.30.--**Divinity School and Andover Theological Seminary. Christmas service. Sermon by Mr. S. C. Weist in Divinity Chapel.

8.00.--Philosophical Club. "Knowledge of the External World." Club members in Emerson A.

Saturday, December 19.

Scrub hockey entries close.

8.00.--Novice gymnastic meet in Hemenway Gymnasium.

8.00.--University Hockey vs. B. A. A. in Boston Arena.