Lazy Denizens of the Yard

As a last resort, the 1914 Photograph Committee is sending out postals to those Seniors who have neglected to do anything about their pictures and class lives. There are 56 men living in the Yard who have not had energy enough to be photographed. Saturday is positively the last day on which pictures will be received, and arrangements for sittings must be made by that time.

Seventy Seniors have not yet handed in their class lives, and the total number yet to be heard from is 180. Unless these men get busy by Saturday they will find themselves left out of the Class Album. Blanks for the lives may be obtained by sending a postal to O. G. Saxon 4 Stoughton Hall.

Every effort is being made to get out the Class Album by the middle of May, which is two weeks earlier than usual. The committee must have the co-operation of the entire class in order to accomplish this.