B. M. Patten 3G., to Act as Zoology Expert on Derelict Destroyer "Seneca" to Study Icebergs.

Mr. B. M. Patten 3G., an assistant in zoology, has received an appointment from the United States Fisheries Department to go upon a zoological expedition in the North Atlantic. This trip is to be made in conjunction with the work of the "Seneca," a Government patrol vessel.

Last year the large nations of the world agreed to send a skip to the North Atlantic to patrol the region in which the "Titanic" sank, the district traversed by the chief steamship lines. It is the duty of this boat's crew to watch the icebergs and inform the steamships by wireless of the conditions of the route. England equipped and sent out a vessel last year. This year, the United States is sending the derelict destroyer "Seneca." Each year the other countries share the expenses of the expedition.

In addition to this work, the government is sending a zoologist and a physicist. Mr. Patten is the only zoologist to make the trip. Since Mr. Patten has not yet received the apparatus necessary for this work, he has been forced to delay his departure for a few days. He will meet the "Seneca," which has already started, when it comes in to Halifax to coal. Mr. Patten will carry on his investigations when the "Seneca" is not actively engaged in its patrol work. He will study "ocean-ography," in every form, testing the temperature and salinity of the ocean at its various depths. Mr. Patten will leave the "Seneca" about the middle of May. Mr. Patten graduated from Dartmouth in 1911, entering the graduate school here. He is an assistant in Zoology 3, and just obtained his doctor's degree last February.