Closer Connection With French Department, Object of Change.

At a meeting held in the club rooms of the Cercle Francais at Grays 17, on Thursday afternoon, officers for the ensuing year were elected, and the Cercle was entirely reorganized. The most important result of the meeting was the establishment of a closer connection with the French Department, which has formmerly been entirely separated from the Cercle. The creation of the new office of Honorary President, to which Professor Charles H. Grandgent was elected, and the election of Mr. Rudolph Altrocchi, 4G, as president of the organization, brings the Cercle Francais under the personal influence of the French Department. It is the intention of the Cercle to hold frequent meetings at which French will be spoken, and distinguished French visitors will address the club. Occasional debates and discussion will be conducted in French, under the direction of Mr. L. J. A. Mercier and the annual play will be given as usual. It was also decided that former councillors, still connected with the University, should be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

The newly elected officers are as follows: Honorary President, Professor Charles H. Grandgent; President, Rudolph Altrocchi 4G.; Vice-President, F. S. Allen '16; Secretary, C. Bruerton 2G; Treasurer, L. W. Coleman '16; Councillors, Mr. E. L. Raiche, Mr. L. J. A. Mercier 3L.; C. W. Cheney '15; Councillors Ex-officio, Professor A. C. Coolidge '87, Professor W. H. Schofield '97, Professor L. Allard '06, F. Schenck 3G.