The sixth annual triangular debate between Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, will take place this evening at 8.15 o'clock. Harvard will meet Princeton in Sanders Theatre, Yale in New Haven, and Yale will meet-Princeton at Princeton. In each case the negative will debate at home. Seats for the debate here may be obtained at the Co-operative Branch, at Memorial Hall, at Amee's, or at the door this evening. Since the sale of tickets for the debate is the only source of revenue for the debating teams, undergraduate support of the teams can be shown chiefly by attendance tonight. Tickets for the balcony are 25 cents each, and those on the main floor, 50 cents.

The College winning the decision in two of the simultaneous debates will be the victor. So far Harvard has a better record than either Yale or Princeton in the number of contests won, having secured the title three times.

The subject of each debate tonight is, "Resolved, That the women of the United States be given the suffrage on equal terms with the men." This question is, of course, of the utmost importance at present because of the international agitation both for and against the rise of feminism.

Analysis of the Team.

The University negative team which will meet Princeton in Sanders Theatre is composed of one undergraduate and two students in the Law School. The members of the University team with the order of their speeches is R. L. West '14, B. H. Knollenberg 1L., and F. Stern 3L. West is the only man on the team who has taken part in a triangular debate although Knollenberg was alternate last year. Stern, who has won several prizes in speaking has not yet appeared in a University debate. The Princeton team is composed of J. O. Adler '14, D. R. Hawkins '14 and C. F. Taeusch '14.

Each speaker will be allowed 12 minutes for his main speech and 5 minutes for rebuttal. Warnings will be given at the end of 10 minutes for speeches and 5 minutes for rebuttal. Professor E. H. Warren '95, of the Law School, will preside and the judges who will render the decision have been selected as follows: W. I. Badger, former attorney for the Boston & Maine Railroad; S. J. Elder, former United States Commissioner before the Hague Tribunal, and Hon.. S. W. McCall, ex-Congressman from Massachusetts.

Dinner at Speakers' Club.

Immediately after the debate, the University Debating Council will give a dinner at the Speakers' Club. Invitations will be extended to both teams, Harvard and Princeton; to the judges, chairman, and to a number of old University debaters. E. H. Warren '95, Story Professor of Law, will be the toastmaster, and short, informal speeches will be made by several alumni.

The University team debating here tonight will be given a dinner at the Boston Harvard Club before the debate. Judge A. P. Stone '93 who has as- sisted the debating teams of the University will act as host.

Affirmative Team Against Yale.

The University affirmative team, composed entirely of undergraduates, will speak against the Yale negative team in Woolsey Hall, New Haven, tonight at 8.15 o'clock. The men will leave on the 10 o'clock train this morning and will be met by Sidney Curtis '05, who has assisted them in preparation, and will act as their coach. The University team is as follows: J. Bovingdon '15, E. R. Adams '14, P. L. Sayre '16, and H. Epstein '16, alternate. They will speak in the same order and opposed to them on the Yale negative team will be P. O. Badger '15, J. D. Robb '15, and G. S. Reidenbach '15, speaking in the same order. The team will be entertained by the Yale men after the debate and will return to Cambridge tomorrow morning.

At the same time tonight the Yale affirmative team will meet the Princeton negative team in Alexander Hall, at Princeton. President John G. Hibben, of Princeton, will in all probability preside. As judges the following men have been chosen: President W. H. S. Demarest, of Rutgers College; Professor John W. Patton, of the University of Pennsylvania Law School; and Justice W. P. Rudd, of the New York State Supreme Court. The Yale team will be composed of E. A. Burtt '15, C. Cohen '15 and M. Hadley '16, none of whom have ever appeared in an intercollegiate debate before. Opposed to them on the Princeton team will be: B. B. Atterbury '16, M. Gates '16, and J. McI. Smith '15.

The following men have been appointed as ushers for the debate, and are requested to report to C. E. Brickley '15, head usher, in Sanders Theatre at 7.30 o'clock: R. R. Ayres '15, S. F. Greeley '15, O. G. Kirkpatrick '17, J. C. Talbot '15, F. B. Withington '15, and L. M. Wright '14.

Speakers Against Princeton.

Following are the statistics of the University negative team, which will debate against Princeton in Sanders Theatre. The men will speak in the order given:

Rescoe Lambert West '14, of Millis, prepared at Needham High School and at the Farmington State Normal School in Maine. He is 22 years old, was a member of his Freshman team, of his Junior interclass team, and of last year's University team. He is president of the Debating Council.

Burnhard Henry Knollenberg 1L., of Richmond, Ind., prepared at Richmond High School and was graduated from Earlham College in 1912. He is 21 years old, and debated three years on his college team, being chosen captain in his senior year. He was a member of last year's championship Junior interclass team, and was an alternate on the University team last year.

Frank Stern 3L., of Boston, prepared at Boston English High School and was graduated from Harvard in 1912. He is 23 years old, was on his Freshman team, won the Pasteur Medal in 1909, and was an alternate on the University team in 1910. He also won first prize in the Boylston elocution contest in 1911, and spoke at Commencement in 1912.

Leo Brewer 3L., of Mayfield, Ky., alternate, prepared at Mayfield High School and was graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1908. He is 24 years old.

Princeton Team in Cambridge.

The Princeton affirmative team, which debates against the University in Sanders Theatre, will speak in the following order:

J. O. Adler '14 prepared at Lawrenceville, where he debated on the school team for one year. He was a member of his Freshman team, was class orator in his Sophomore year, and was a prize winner in the Junior Oratorical Contest.

D. R. Hawkins '14, of Kansas City, Mo., prepared at the Kansas City Central High School. He debated on his Freshman team.

C. F. Taeusch '14, prepared at Wapakoneta High School, Ohio. He has been a member of the University debating team for three years and has won the Syode Prize for debating.

J. J. Swofford, Jr., '15, or Kansas City, Mo., alternate, prepared at the Central High School of Kansas City. This is his first year on the University team. He debated on his Freshman team.

Speakers Against Yale.

The University affirmative team, which will debate against Yale at New Haven, will speak in the following order:

John Bovingdon '15, of Seattle, Wash., prepared at Queen Anne High School and spent one year at the University of Washington, where he debated on the championship team of the Pacific coast league. He won the Pasteur Medal this year.

Edward Richmond Adams '14, of Galesburg, Ill., prepared at Galesburg High School. He is 21 years old, and his experience in debating consists of one year on the team at Knox College.

Paul Lombard Sayre '16, of Chicago, El., prepared at University High School. He is 19 years of age. He was on his Freshman team, the Sophomore interclass championship team, and this year won the Coolidge prize.

Henry Epstein '16, of Brooklyn, N. Y., alternate, prepared at Brooklyn Boys' High School. He is 19 years of age. He debated on his Freshman team, the championship Sophomore interclass team, and won the Pasteur Medal in 1913.

Statistics of Yale Debaters.

The Yale negative team will speak in the following order against Harvard.

P. O. Badger '15, of Portsmouth, N. H., was a member of the 1915 freshman team against Princeton, was alternate on last year's team against Princeton, and was on last fall's team against Syracuse.

J. D. Robb '15, of Minneapolis, Minn., was on his freshman team against Harvard and on last fall's team against Syracuse.

C. S. Reidenbach '15 D.S., of Nineveh, Ind., led last year's Divinity School team, which won the interdepartmental championship.J. Bovingdon '15. H. Epstein '16. E. R. Adams '14. P. L. Sayre '16. AFFIRMATIVE TEAM DEBATING AT NEW HAVEN.