The Hasty Pudding Club will present its annual spring production, a two-act musical comedy entitled "The Legend of Loravia," in the club's theatre on Holyoke street, on the evenings of March 28, 30, and 31, and in Jordan Hall, Boston, on the evenings of April 4, 6, and 7. The comedy was composed by undergraduate members of the club, the book by J. K. Hodges '14 and E. Streeter '14 with lyrics by J. K. Hodges '14 and the music by V. Freedley '14 with additional numbers by S. L. M. Barlow '14.

The plot of the comedy is centered in the mythical land of Loravia, a mountainous principality of Europe, and depicts the struggle for the throne between the twin princes Louis and Ferdinand. The first act is laid in the Grand Salon of the Pre Catalan restaurant in Paris. It is here that Prince Ferdinand, believed to be dead, discovers, while travelling incognito that his half-witted brother Louis is plotting to regain the throne from which his countrymen have banished him. Both princes lack the money wherewith to contest their rights. Prince Louis has an accomplice, Antonio Spinorelli, Grand Master of the International Brotherhood of Fists, who conceives the plan of marrying Louis to a rich American heiress, Isabelle Rankin, whose wealth shall support his struggle for the throne. Ferdinand on the other hand, enlists the aid of Bobby Bailey, a young millionaire who consents to supply him with funds. Many amusing situations develop from the confusion caused by the similarity in appearance of the twin princes.

The second act is staged at an inn outside of Ronterest, the capital of Loravia. The villagers are assembled for the election which is to decide the future policy of the country. There exists a legend which holds that whenever a crisis arises in the affairs of Loravia the great tree which stands in the courtyard of inn will in some miraculous way show the people the remedy for the difficulties in which they are placed. Needless to relate in this particular instance the tree gives forth the proper remedy, and Loravia is left to "live happily ever after."

J. K. Hodges '14 and E. Streeter '14 have furnished an interesting and amusing book. The lyrics are more closely connected with the plot than those usually found in musical comedy. V. Freedley '14, who composed a large part of the music of last year's production, has furnished many excellent musical numbers not a few being of the so-called "whistling variety," and the score throughout is catchy and melodious.

Prominent among the cast are J. K. Hodges '14, who will play Prince Louis and Prince Ferdinand, V. Freedley '14, as Isabelle, the American heiress, J. R. O. Perkins '14 as Bobby Baily, A. H. Sturgis '14 as Gladys Meek, and C. R. Codman '15 as Antorio Spinorelll.

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