The University has issued a booklet, explaining the prices and plans of the Freshman Dormitories, which is by now in the hands of many prospective members of the class of 1918. There will be many points, however, which the Sub-Freshmen will not understand and which they will want to know about. Naturally they will turn for information to their friends who are already students in the University. Men who are going home for the spring vacation may expect to be besieged by questions from prospective students who will want to know all about the new dormitories. It is the clear duty of every man in the University to be able to explain thoroughly the Freshman Dormitory system, and, because the University is committed to the idea, to stand behind it with enthusiasm. Right or wrong, the dormitories have come to stay, and since they are here the best thing that can be done is for everyone to bend his efforts toward making them succeed.

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