Harvard Men Edit German Books

Nine volumes of "The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries," translated into English, have just been printed by the German Publication Society of New York. This remarkable literary work which will contain 20 volumes when completed, has been produced by Professor Kuno Francke, editor-in-chief, and Assistant Professor W. G. Howard, assistant editor-in-chief. These books form a complete library of the best in German literature from Goethe to the present day. The great majority of the translations are new, and the contributors represent most of the important universities in the country.

Professor Calvin Thomas, of Columbia, is the author of the introductions to Goethe and Schiller. Professor Hugo Muensterberg has written a preface to the speeches of Emperor William II.; Dr. Jacob Loewenberg '08, the introduction to Hegel; Assistant Professor A. N. Holcombe '06, the introduction to Lassalle; and Professor J. A. Walz '99, to Keller. Other introductions are written by prominent professors of German, History, and Philosophy; Professor Thilly, of Cornell, the Romantic Philosopher; Professor Cutting, of Chicago, the group of writers called "Young Germany;" Professor Hohlfeld, of Wisconsin, Otto Ludwig; Professor Wood, of Johns Hopkins, Bettina von Armin.

Each volume has from 20 to 25 illustrations which are intended to bring out certain broad tendencies of German painting in the nineteenth century, parallel to the literary development presented.