Though the University closes today for recess, its activities still roll on. The baseball and lacrosse teams and the crew go south; the track team competes in the Penn. Relay Carnival; the soccer team plays another game on its intercollegiate schedule; the Musical Clubs perform in New York; the Pudding presents "The Legend of Loravia" in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and a large number of benighted independents write theses in Cambridge. May they all do equally well.

The principal advantage of the post-post-Easterian vacation is the clemency of the weather then prevailing. By all the laws of Choice and Chance the weather next week will be extremely kind. Snow on the sixteenth of April demands a week of balmy spring to balance. There is even a possibility of its being so warm that the pathetic sprigs which comprise The Yard Beautiful will live. So there is little cause to complain. What if we are cheated out of a lawful holiday on April nineteenth?