Fifteen Get Soccer Numerals

The following Freshmen have been awarded their 1917 soccer numerals, subject to the approvals of the student council and the athletic committee: Edmond Elkins Bates, of West Medford; Earle Henry Bean, of Melrose; Webster Sanderson Blanchard, of West Acton; Laurence Emanuel Bullard, of Richmond Hill, N. Y.; Leland Gay Darrow, of Cambridge; Captain James Warren Feeney, of Andover; Manager Paul Webb Ingraham, of Wellesley Hills; Samuel Joseph Mantel, of Indianapolis, Ind.; Paul Howard Means, of Madison, Me.; Richard Horton Morris, Jr., of Milwaukee, Wis.; Lloyd Geary Evans Reilly, of Memphis, Tenn.; Sydney James Rogers, of Cambridge; Edward Forbes Smiley, of Winchester; James Perry Thurber, of Milton; and James Reed Warren, of Cambridge.