Intercollegiate Ticket Sale

Applications for tickets for the intercollegiate track games which will be held in the Stadium on May 29 and 30 should be sent to the H. A. A. at once, for the period for receiving them will close on Friday, May 22, at 5 o'clock. Application blanks may be obtained today at the following places: Amee's, Co-operative Branch, Leavitt & Peirce's, the Union, the Rendezvous and Wright and Ditson's, both Cambridge and Boston stores.

The H. A. A. has announced the following prices: May 29.--General admission for the qualifying rounds at 50 cents. May 30.--$1.50 seats (sections 13 to 27 and first two rows of 28, near the finish line). $1 seats (all seats in sections 28 to 37, except first two rows of 28). General admission at 50 cents to sections 1 to 12.