Eighteen Men Appointed to Board After Eight Weeks' Work.

After a competition which has lasted more than eight weeks, the 1917 Red Book Committee has elected eighteen men to its editorial staff. Following is the complete Board: Editor-in-chief--Francis Higginson Cabot, Jr., of New York, N. Y.; Art--Robert Strony Cook, of Canandaigua, N. Y., (chairman), Earle Henry Bean, of Melrose; Charles Allerton Coolidge, Jr., of Boston; Harold Lewis Dayton, of Cambridge, and Howard Henderson, of Hingham; Cuts and Photographs--Ernest Paul Bogle, of White River Junction, Vt., (chairman), Webster Sanderson Blanchard, of West Acton; Mordaunt Verne Turner, of Denver, Colo.; Copy and Registration, Lawrence Manuel Lombard, of Winchester, (chairman), Harold Homer Davis, of Boston, Francis Baylies Dean, of Flushing, L. I., N. Y.; Henry Rice Guild, of Nahant; Walter Staunton Mack, Jr., of New York; Henry Whitney Minot, of Boston; Francis Trow Spaulding, of Newtonville; Theodore Ellis Stebbins, of New York; and Charles Paine Winsor, of Concord; Advertisements and Subscriptions, Herbert Bartlett Courteen, of Milwaukee, Wis., (chairman), Eli Phelps Ellsworth, of Boston; Wallace Fleming, of New York; James Paul Warburg, of New York; and Charles Tukeman Ward, of Brookline.

All Freshmen are urged to subscribe to the book as soon as possible. It costs only $1 to subscribe now, whereas the book, when published, will cost $1.25. Blanks may be obtained from members of the Board or at the Rendesvous.