Pop Concert Tonight

The program for the Pop Concert in Symphony Hall this evening is as follows: 1.  Marche des Petits Pierrot,  Bose 2.  Overture, "L'Accordee du Village",  Stock 3.  Waltz, "Pesther,"  Lanner 4.  Selection, "Pinafore,"  Sullivan 5.  Caucasian Sketches,  Iwanoff a. In the Village b. In the Mosque c. Procession of the Sardar 6.  Prelude to "The Deluge,"  Saint-Saens Violin Solo, Mr. Theodorowics. 7.  Selection, "Madame Butterfly,"  Puccini 8.  March, "Imperator Julian," Organ, Mr. Marshall.  Urack 9.  Overture, "1812," Organ, Mr. Marshall.  Tschaikowsky 10.  Fandango,  Maquarre 11.  Dance of the Cammorists from "The Jewels of the Madonna,"  Wolf-Ferrari 12.  March, "The Continental,"  Brooke