The CRIMSON congratulates F. W. Capper '15 upon his election as captain of the University track team. By his persevering work during the past two years on the track he has well shown the qualifications for the leadership of his teammates.

Hard and conscientious work will be necessary on the part of all participating in track work if the University team is to be a successful one next season. The team has never been found wanting this year in the spirit of work but has suffered from a lack of material. While it was true that unfortunate injuries greatly handicapped the team in all of its meets, yet it was also true that when injuries retired the most promising men, there was not a vast amount of material from which men could be drawn to fill their places. In looking to the future, the fact that many track "stars" have owed their ascendancy to conscientious work entirely during their college careers must be inpressed upon all. May next near see a greater wealth of "green," yet promising material for the University track team assemble when the call for candidates comes, and may Captain Capper have a splendid team to lead through a successful season.