Season's Record to Date Shows That Blue Team has Unusually Fast and Brilliant Forwards.

The Yale hockey team has had quite a successful season thus far this year, having won four games and lost two. The Arena at New Haven has allowed the men to get early and systematic training and the team has been greatly benefitted thereby. On December 19, in the first game of the schedule, Yale was defeated 5 to 6 by the Crescent A. C. in a fast contest, with MacDonald, Murray and Sweeney scoring the goals for Yale. On December 22 the blue team defeated the speedy St. Paul's School seven 6 to 2, a game in which MacDonald scored 3 goals, Sweeney 2, and Murray 1. On January 6, Massachusetts Agricultural College was defeated 5 to 2 with Dickey, Sweeney and Murray doing the scoring for Yale. Yale defeated Williams on January 8, 4 to 2, Sweeney scoring two of the tallies, MacDonald and Murray 1, while on January 13 Massachusetts Institute of Technology went down to a 5 to 3 defeat. On January 16 the blue team was defeated by Toronto 3 to 1, MacDonald scoring for Yale. This would indicate a fast aggressive team with an unusually strong forward line.

Buchanan, at left wing in the regular Yale line-up is a consistent player with little of the spectacular about his work, but a very valuable man. He is responsible for a large part of the team-play, as he rarely misses a chance to pass. Murray, at left centre, was captain of last year's freshman seven and played an excellent game on the defence. He has demonstrated this year that his ability as a forward is quite equal to his defensive play. He is equally good at wing. When he is in this position Dickey, another strong player, has been used for centre. Sweeney, at right centre, or rover, is probably the most dangerouss man on the team. His speed and aggressiveness, together with his shooting ability and good stick-work place him in the front ranks of this season's hockey players. The right wing, MacDonald, is probably next to Sweeney, the best player on the Yale seven. Like Townsend, of the University team, he is somewhat handicapped by his small size and lack of weight, but his quickness and remarkable stickwork more than make up for this deficiency. He is an exceptionally hard shooter and in play off the boards is excellent. Bierworth, at coverpoint, is a strong defensive player and, with Herron at point, makes up a defence that while probably not as formidable as the University defence, has nevertheless shown up very well in the games played to date. Schiller is not as dependable a goal-tend as Wylde of the University team, but he has occasional flashes of brilliancy that remind one of Gardner and Carnochan. On the whole he is a valuable man, but frequently he lets by apparently easy shots.

If the University defeats Yale it will be because of superior team-work and a better defence, for it is doubtful if the University can show individual players of the ability of Sweeney and MacDonald. More can be learned of the actual strength of the Yale seven after the game with Dartmouth this evening.