1917 and 1918 Must Have Submitted All Petitions Before Friday.

Additional nominations for Student Council must be handed in to S. M. Felton, Jr., '16, Randolph 55, before Friday. The officers of the Junior and Sophomore classes will be elected by the members of their respective classes on Monday, October 18. Nominations for class officers must be made in the following manner.

"All nominations for class officers shall be made by petition, each petition to be signed by thirty-five members of the class. Such petitions shall be delivered to the secretary-treasurer of the class not later than Thursday, October 14. The secretary-treasurer of the class shall publish the name of each nominee within twenty-four hours after receiving the petition nominating him. In the Sophomore and Junior years the class officers shall make nominations for officers provided no petitions for those offices are received. These nominations shall be made not later than Friday, October 15."