L. Withington '11 Chief Speaker at Gathering to Make Plans for Princeton Trip.

The first football mass meeting of the year will be held in the Living Room of the Union tonight at 8.15 o'clock. The purpose of the meeting is to interest as large a number of men as possible in making the trip to Princeton for the game on November 6. Estimates of the cost of the trip will be made. L. Withington '11, captain of the University football team in 1911, and W. J. Bingham '16, captain of the University track team, will speak, and Kanrich's band will furnish the music. Bingham will lead the singing and cheering. Men who have not yet learned the football songs are urged to do so before tonight.

New Songs Wanted.

There will be no regular football song competition this year, but all men who wish to write football songs are urged to do so, and to hand them in to W. J. Bingham '16, Stoughton 26. Songs should be handed in as soon as possible, in order that they may be learned before the big games.

The type of music wanted may be found in the songs which are now used. It is best not to use the names of other colleges in the songs, in order that they may be sung at any game.