Defeated R. C. Rand '19 in Hard-Fought Match on Jarvis Yesterday.--Drawings for Today.

S. M. Stellwagen 4L. won the University championship singles tournament by defeating R. C. Rand '19, 6-3, 6-3, 6-8, 6-4 on Jarvis Field yesterday afternoon. In the first set Rand's failure to pass Stellwagen at the net accounted for his defeat. Although the score of the second set was the same as the first, the games were closer and Rand seemed better able to adapt himself to his opponent's play. Stellwagen ran the score of the next set up to 5-2, Rand being puzzled by his twisting serve. Stellwagen took the first two points on Rand's serve, but the latter braced, a well-placed shot, and a hard smash giving him the game. Rand then ran the score up to 5 all, and, after Stellwagen had taken the next game, won the following three and the set. The last set was a repetition of the first two, Stellwagen's serve, net play, and brilliant back hand on deep court shots giving him the set and match. Both men played strong games, but Stellwagen's greater experience and steadiness gave him the match.

The semi-final round of the doubles and the class trials will be completed on Jarvis Field this afternoon. The semi-final round of the doubles will be decid- ed by the best three matches out of five, and the interclass trials by two out of three. The final round of the doubles together with the first matches of the interclass tournament will be played on Monday.

Following are today's matches in the semi-final round of the doubles on Jarvis Field:

At 3.45 o'clock: R. Kennedy uC. and S. M. Stellwagen 4L. vs. E. B. Benjamin '18 and A. S. Peabody '16.

Following are today's matches in the 1916 trials at Jarvis Field:

At 2.30 o'clock: A. S. Peabody vs. R. Devereux.

At 3 o'clock: W. Campbell vs. S. B. McKinley, F. Coolidge vs. P. Davison.

Following are today's matches in the 1918 trials on Jarvis Field:

At 2 o'clock: H. Talcott vs. D. K. Dunmore, W. W. Rice vs. T. B. Scott, the winner to play L. Green at 3 o'clock.

Following are today's drawings in the 1919 trials on Jarvis Field:

At 2.30 o'clock: R. D. Sears vs. L. Jackson, C. A. Clark vs. F. V. B. Demarest, R. Kissel, Jr., vs. J. S. Levy.

At 3.30 o'clock: F. Warburg vs. N. R. Cutler