Candidates Also Wanted for Poster Designing.--Sixty Reported for First Trials.

All candidates for the publicity and poster designing competitions will report tonight in Claverly 36 at 6.30 o'clock. The publicity department takes charge of all press articles and advertisements in connection with the activities of the club. The competition offers an exceptional opportunity for Freshmen and Sophomores to gain practice in writing articles for newspaper and other periodicals. The work will be mainly the writing of such articles but some clerical work will also be included in the competition. The work is the same as the work of a professional theatrical press agency.

The poster designing competition will also be outlined tonight. The club has for every production an individual poster. The designing of the poster requires a knowledge of the play as well as ability to draw. The successful candidate will be admitted to club membership after the fall production.

About 60 men were heard yesterday afternoon in the first trials for parts in the fall play of the Dramatic Club, "The Perverseness of Pamela." Each candidate spoke for about five minutes before the judges. The trials will be continued tomorrow.