A collection for the relief of war sufferers of all nations, the first of this impartial character, will be taken up between the halves at the Yale game. It should be very easy to exceed the amounts,--$3,200 and $5,276 respectively,--collected at the Harvard-Princeton and Yale-Princeton games. The Boston Herald thus expresses the case for the distressed people of Europe:

"The huge Stadium, with the massing of automobiles on every side, and the dining and theatre-going scheduled to follow the game represent a huge expenditure in personal enjoyment. What could be more fitting than that the participants should contribute to a crying need of suffering humanity some fraction of what they are spending on themselves? If everybody who goes to the game would give a single dollar, there would be at least $45,000. This would prove surprisingly effective in keeping the breath of line in the starving peoples of Europe, now crushing under the iron heel of remorseless war. Remember this appeal and be prepared to meet it."