Party of Sixty-Six Surgeons and Nurses Leaves Today for Service in Europe.

President Lowell accompanied the second Harvard Medical Unit which left Boston yesterday afternoon for New York, to sail at noon today on the "Noordam" of the Holland-American line for hospital service somewhere in the war zone. The new medical unit, under the leadership of David Cheever, Jr., '97, M.D. '01, of the Medical School, will arrive at Falmouth, England, within a week, and before being assigned to work by the British War Office will travel through Scotland and England. This unit is expected to resume the work of the first unit in a British base hospital on the French coast near Boulogne, though it will go wherever the need is most urgent, provided it is not divided.

The new unit is composed of 30 surgeons, most of whom are graduates of the Medical School, recruited for six months service, and 36 graduate nurses, who will supplement a corps of nurses who remained in Europe after the return of the first unit. Herbert Hill White '93 will act as business manager of the party. Dr. Wilfred T. Grenfel, hon. '09, of Labrador, will join the Unit in a few weeks. The party goes for service under the British War Office. The members of the Unit will not be commissioned as British Officers, but will receive the same relative rank, corresponding to that of officers.