Yale Football Receipts Break Former Records

The present football season will break all records in gate receipts at Yale. The receipts will amount to more than $230,000. This is more than $65,000 in excess of any previous year and is due to the building of the Bowl with its great seating capacity. Yale this fall will get the benefit of both the Bowl and the Harvard Stadium. Last Saturday 55,750 saw the Princeton game at New Haven. Princeton took only 7,000 seats for Saturday's game, while last fall Harvard took 30,000. The gate receipts this fall will be as follows: Yale vs. Princeton,  $111,500 Yale vs. Brown,  $10,000 Yale vs. six minor teams,  $16,000 Yale vs. Harvard,  $94,000 Total receipts,  $231,500 Yale's share.  $115,750.