Interclass Debating to Begin on December 1

The committee on the interclass series of debating of the Debating Council has announced the following schedule for the fall series:

December 1--First Sophomore-Freshman debate will consist of trials for final Sophomore-Freshman debate. Five minute speeches must be prepared and six men will be retained for the final debate.

December 2--Junior-Senior, trials. All candidates must have ten-minute speeches prepared.

December 3 -- Final Sophomore-Freshman trials. Men retained from first trials must be prepared with ten-minute speeches and rebuttals.

December 13--Junior-Senior debate.

December 15 -- Sophomore-Freshman debate.

January 5--Final debate of series.

The subject of the series will be: Resolved, That it is for the best interests of the United States to lend economic and financial aid to the European belligerents.

All men who have not been on a University team which has taken part in a debate with Princeton or Yale are eligible to enter the series. The places of the trials and debates will be announced later.