No one is more conservative and ready to venerate tradition than the Senior. Hence it is worthy of note that the Yard-dwellers unanimously concur in denouncing the unholy jangle which startles their slumbers every morning at 7 o'clock. It seemed impossible that such an apparently useless pest should be continuously perpetrated unless there were some good reason; and hence the CRIMSON long resisted the insistent request of many men to voice their execration of the nuisance. But inquiry seems to show that it rests upon a tradition, which has persisted after its use has long vanished.

Up to 1886 Chapel was compulsory and in the early days of "Old Jones," the historic bell-ringer, prayers were held before breakfast in University Hall. In the sixties the rising bell rang at 6.20 A. M. Chapel, however, is now not only voluntary, but does not occur until 8.45. It is respectfully submitted that all Seniors do not need to be waked up in order that some of them can go to Chapel an hour and three-quarters later. And are Seniors lazier or more wicked than other members of the University? To be consistent the Faculty should send a town-crier north to Perkins Hall and south to Mt. Auburn street and the Freshman dormitories to give those sections the benefit,--not of this rising bell,--but of this ineffective disharmony. It seems that Seniors alone are selected for this schoolboy regulation. To the hard-hearted Faculty members who sustain it, the suggestion is made that they experiment by spending a night in the Yard,--and then vote to still the early morning noise.