Norton Fellowship and Loan Fund Applications Due Today

Today is the last day upon which students may apply for the Charles Eliot Norton Fellowships in Greek studies for 1916-17, and for aid from the loan fund. The Loan Fund is open to members of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes, and is lent in sums ranging from $50 to $75.

Applications must be left at the office of the Dean, addressed "Loan Fund, John Lowell, Esq., Boston," and stating the amount desired. Men must set forth their circumstances fully, and state what aid they have received, or expect to receive, from the college. If the applicant is under 21 years of age, his application must be accompanied by the written approval of his parent or guardian.

Applications for admission to candidacy for the Charles Eliot Norton Fellowship must also be made to the chairman of the department of Classics not later than today.