Striking Collection in Color Loaned to Union by Mr. W. R. Castle '00.

A striking collection of English recruiting posters done in vivid colors has been placed in the periodical room of the Union, replacing those done in black and white by Frank Brangwyn, which have been on exhibition for the past week. The titles of the posters are as effective as the pictures themselves. "A Scrap of Paper" shows the treaty of 1839 guaranteeing the independence and neutrality, of Belgium signed by both British and Prussian representatives. "Follow Me," showing a soldier leaving for the front; "Remember Belgium," picturing that country in flames and suggesting the possibility of Britain's finding herself in a similar plight; and "There is a place for you in this line, will you fill it?" showing a gap in the ranks, are some of the most striking designs. Lord Kitchener's famous call for volunteers "More men and still more until the enemy is crushed" is depicted on another poster.

These posters, which are exhibited through the courtesy of Mr. W. R. Castle, Jr., '00, are noted for the excellent idea they give of English opinion on the war.