Dormitory Committee Appointed

The 1917 Senior Dormitory Committee has been appointed to make all arrangements for the housing of next year's Senior Class in the Yard Dormitories as follows: Herbert Bartlett Courteen, of Milwaukee, Wis., (chairman); Graham Burt Blaine, of Taunton; Webster Sanderson Blanchard, of West Acton; George Colket Caner, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Basil Sanford Collins, of Watertown; Russell Thurston Fry, of Claremont, N. H.; Joseph Gazzam, Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa.; Jose Calderon Harris, of Brookline; John Saxton Kent, Jr., of Brockton; James Paul Warburg of Washington, D. C.; Hunt Wentworth, of Chicago, Ill.; James Clarke White, 2d, of Boston.

Applications for rooms in the Senior dormitories (Hollis, Holworthy, Matthews, Stoughton, Thayer) will be due in Phillips Brooks House January 19 at 6 o'clock.