"Plots and Playwrights," Satire on Popular Authors by G. E. Massey '15, Has Been Chosen.

"Plots and Playwrights," by George Edward Massey '15, has been selected for the second 47 Workshop production of the year and will be given in Agassiz House on December 14 and 15. This play, far different in character from the last bill, is a delightful satire on popular playwrights. Written in two parts, it is an additional experiment in a series of connected one-act plays, one of the best examples of which is the Craig Prize play, "Between the Lines."

The locale of the piece, which is written in two parts and an introduction, is West 111th street, New York City. The first part contains three scenes each laid on a different floor of a New York boarding house. Each one shows the drama that goes on unnoticed by the outside world. In the play they are the artistic playwright's illustration of what can be dramatized from observation. The second part is the popular Broadway playwright's telescoping of these three scenes and is a lively satire on some of the plays seen in New York last winter.

The experiment of having the scenery and lighting done by Workshop forces will be continued. One novel street scene shows the tops of brownstone houses as high as the eye can reach.

The cast includes A. P. Archer uC., N. B. Clark '16, R. D. Longyear '18, H. P. Lucas 1G., G. A. Madigan '19, C. C. Mather 1G., and R. H. Tannehill 2G

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